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Church Weekly Bulletin  


Tuesday   Pastor's Surgery
    By appointment -
Contact - 020 8673 9724
  10:45am - 3:00pm  Autumn Rose Senior Club
For senior citizens who are young at heart!  Exercise club,
creative fun art - health and well-being talks, lunch, plus more.

Learn about our partnership work with WCCG!

 Wednesday  4:00pm to 6:00pm  Prayer Clinic
    The Prayer Ministries Department has a burden for souls.  The prayer team would like to pray for you and your family and invites you to its 'Prayer Clinic' between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm every Wednesday.
   7:30pm-8:45pm  Prayer Meeting

The highlight of mid-week.  Music, prayer & Biblical reflection, and the opportunity to share our prayer requests or experiences of how God has led or helped us

 Sabbath (Saturday)  9.30am-11:00am Sabbath School
     Let's talk - Bible discussions in small groups.
   11:15am-1:15pm Family Worship
     Music, singing, children's storytime, prayer, and Biblical preaching
  4-5 pm (Winter)
5-6 pm (Summer)
General Open study of the Bible
  5-7 pm (Winter)
6-8 pm (Summer)
Adventist Youth Society activities and projects
     Thought-provoking themed projects led by the youth for youth and all those youth at heart: poetry, mime, drama, music, plus more.

  5:30pm-7.30pm  Pathfinders
  Every 1st & 3rd Saturday  Similar to scouts' club for both boys and girls aged from 5-16yrs
  and at

Last Sunday of the month

 Similar to scouts' club for both boys and girls aged from 5-16yrs
 Things we do:   

Senior Choir, Music practice, Drama productions, Women's group, Men's group, Sports, Social Activities, Cookery classes, etc